Iver Jacobsen Kurås (Kuraas/ Nyplassen) 1750 - 1810

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Iver Jacobsen Kurås History

Iver Jacobsen was born in the June time frame in 1750 at the Nyplassen (Nyplasshaugen) farm. His father was Jacob Iversen Kurås and his mother was Marit Arnesdatter.

Nyplassen Farm, Røros
Photo by Michael Baird, October 2014

Iver was christened 30 June 1750 at the Røros parish in Sør-Trøndelag county of Norway.

Iver Jacobsen Kurås Christening ( source - #72 )

Røros Church, Røros
Photo by Michael Baird, October 2014

7 Februrary 1777 he married Anne Margrethe Michelsdatter Bakken. This marriage was one of a pair between siblings. Iver's sister Maritte married Anne Margrethe's brother Eric. This marriage is one of four marriages that I know of between the two families from the Bakken and Kuråsen farms. Iver and Anne Margrete lived at the Nyplassen (Nyplasshaugen) farm after being married.

Iver Jacobsen - Anne Margrete Michelsdatter Marriage ( source )

Iver and Anne Margrethe had 6 children, all born at the Nyplassen farm:

  • 1778 - 1840 Jacob Iversen Jacobslien (Teslie)
  • 1781 - ???? Michel Iversen
  • 1783 - 1854 Ole Iversen
  • 1787 - 1791 John Iversen
  • 1791 - ???? Iver Iversen
  • 1793 - ???? Maritte Iversdatter
  • 1798 - ???? Ingebor Iversdatter

In the 1801 census Iver and his wife along with 5 of their 6 (living) children were living at the Nyplass farm. Their oldest son Jacob had left and was in Strinda at this census

Iver Jacobsen 1801 Census ( source )

Sometime shortly after the 1801 census Iver and Anne Margrete took over the Bakken farm from her parents.

Iver died in March 1810 at the Bakken farm. He was buried 1 April 1810 at Røros.

Iver Jacobsen Kurås Burial ( source - #15 )