Nyplassen (Nyplasshaugen) Farm, Røros

Farm number(gnr) 139, Sub-farm number(bnr) 10

The Nyplassen farm is located just north of Røros. The first recorded history for Nyplasshaugen was in 1762 tax census which listed Jacob Iversen Kurås (1722 - 1799) as the farmer at Nyplass. The Røros Bygdebok states that there is reason to believe that Jacob came to Nyplassen right after he was married in 1749 to Marit Arnesdatter (1729 - 1814). Their son Iver Jacobsen Kurås (1750 - 1810) was born at this farm.

Iver Jacobsen married Anne Margrethe Michelsdatter Bakken. Their son Jacob Iversen Jacobslien (Teslie) (1778 - 1840) was born here. Iver and Anne later took over the Bakken Farm in 1800.

Nyplasshaugen Farm, Røros
Photo by Michael Baird, October 2014

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