Jacob Iversen Jacobslien (Teslie, Kurås/Kuraas) - 1778 - 1840

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Jacob Iversen was born in the May timeframe of 1778 at the Nyplass farm near Røros. His father was Iver Jacobsen Kuraas/Kurås and his mother was Anne Margrethe Michelsdatter.

Nyplassen Farm, Røros
Photo by Michael Baird, October 2014

He was christened 31 May 1778 at the Røros parish in Sør-Trøndelag county of Norway.

Jacob Iversen Jacobsli Christening ( source - #49 )

Røros Church, Røros
Photo by Michael Baird, October 2014

By the 1801 census Jacob had left the Nyplass farm in Røros and was living about 100 miles away at the Munchvold farm in Strinda. His position there was as a worker or farm hand. He was 23 years old and single. I don't know exactly when he left Røros. Perhaps it was about the time his parents moved and took over the Bakken Farm in 1800.

Jacob Iversen 1801 Census ( source )

July 1, 1803 he married Ingebor (Ingeborg) Olsdatter Bakken. Ingebor and Jacob were 1st cousins. This marriage is one of four marriages that I know of between the two families from the Bakken and Kuråsen farms.

Jacob Iversen - Ingeborg Olsdatter Marriage ( source )

Sometime in 1803 Jacob bought part of the Tesli Lower farm from his wife's brother Ole Olsen Tesli. Ole was also his his fist cousin and uncle (by marriage). Jacob gave this farm the name Jacobsli. It probably took some time however for the farmhouse to be built so initially Jacob and Ingebor lived at the Tesli Lower farm. For the next few years he was referred to as Jacob Iversen Tesli.

He had two children with Ingeborg:

Ingeborg died in 1807.

Jacob had a one child by Marit Jonsdatter but was not married to her.

  • 1810 - ? Ole Jacobsen Teslie

Jacob was married to Olava Andersdatter Nedre Stokkan 11 July 1816. He had 5 children by Olava:

  • 1816 - 1816 Anders Jacobsen Teslie
  • 1817 - 1838 Anders Jacobsen Teslie
  • 1821 - 1892 Ingeborg Anna Teslie
  • 1823 - 1897 Anne Margrethe Teslie
  • 1826 - 1897 Helena Christiana Teslie

In the records up until and inclusive with the marriage of his second wife in 1816 Jacob is referred to as Jacob Iversen Teslien. Later in 1816 in the birth record of Anders he is referred to as Jacob Iversen Jacobslien (source - record #49). In all the records after 1816 he is referred to as Jacob Iversen Jacobslien. The Jacobsli farm is still in use today.

Jacob died 17 December 1840 at the Jacobsli farm. He was buried 28 December 1840 at Lade Church in Strinda.

Jacob Iversen Jacobslien Death & Burial ( source )

Lade Church, Strinda (Trondheim)
Photo by Michael Baird, October 2014