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This section is about the ancestors on my Father's side of the family.

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Baird Ancestors with Interesting Events or Histories

    Fortune Passenger: Edward Bumpas   (1605 - 1693) (10th great-grandfather) Passenger on the ship Fortune which arrived in Plymouth in 1621
    American Revolutionary War: John Downing   (1740 - 1802) (7th great-grandfather) Quartermaster in the Turkey Creek Regiment of South Carolina Militia
    American Revolutionary War: Alexander Baird   (1750 - 1831) (4th great-grandfather) Private, He served under Frederick Watts and Andrew Galbreath in the Battle of Long Island
    War of 1812: Cyril Call   (1740 - 1802) (5th great-grandfather) Capt R. Wilson's Company, Vermont Militia
    War of 1812: John Forehand   (1750 - 1831) (1st cousin 7 times removed) Private in West Tennessee Militia
    American Civil War: Almond Cely McLaughlin (1840 - 1905) (great-great-grandfather) First Minnesota Regiment, Union Army
    World War I: Harry Clyde Hudson (McLaughlin) (1886 - 1956) (great-grandfather)
    World War II: Clair Baird (1923 - 2012) (great uncle)

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