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Lavaughn was born 25 June 1906 at Chesterfield, Idaho to Joseph Holbrook Tolman and Mary Ellen Cahoon.

Lavaughn Tolman birth home in Chesterfield

When Lavaughn was just a baby her mother and family moved to Dempsey Idaho to a home her father had built on Dempsey Creek.

Home on Dempsey Creek

In 1912 Lavaughn's family moved to Inkom, Idaho where she would live the rest of her life.

In the summer of 1924 Lavaughn met Ross Fowler. They married at the Logan Temple April 8, 1925.

Lavaughn June 1925 (age 19)

September 13, 1926 a daughter, Melba Grace was born.

Lavaughn and Melba (about 1929)

January 29, 1929 a second daughter, Pearl Winona was born. Pearl was a little over two months premature and weighted only 3 lbs and 3.5 oz. She only lived for 22 hours before passing away.

January 10, 1931 Melba passed away.

January 24, 1932 a son Ira was born. He passed away that same day.

Ross Fowler Christmas 1977

August 15, 1979 Ross passed away.

Lavaughn Christmas 1982

December 27, 1991 Lavaughn passed away and was buried at the Inkom Cemetery.

Lavaughn Tolman's Gravestone