Flatmoen Farm

Farm number(gnr) 43, Sub-farm number(bnr) 4

Flatmoen farm lies near Ringebu. Today the farmhouse is no longer there, it is just a field. In the 1700s the farm was known as the Gunstadsmoen farm. There were multiple families on this farm. In the 1801 census, one of the families living at the farm were Anders Christensen (1763 - 1846), my 4th great-grandfather, with his wife Mari Johansdatter (1750 - 1832), and their son Hans Andersen (1793 - 1843), my 3rd great-grandfather. Hans Andersen married Beret Pedersdatter (1792 - 1822). Hans and Beret had several children. Their second child, Mari Hansdatter (1815 – 1897) was born at Flatmoen. She is my 2nd great-grandmother. She married Lars Christophersen (1812 - 1857) in 1839. They lived at the Upper Stigen farm.

Flatmoen Farm
Photo from about 1920

Field where Flatmoen farm was
Photo by Michael Baird, October 2014