Lars Christophersen Stigen (1812 - 1857)

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Lars Christophersen Stigen History

Lars Christophersen was born 6 December 1812 at the Lower Stigen Farm. His father was Christopher Hansen Stigen and his mother was Anne Larsdatter Hjørnet.

Lars was christened 1 January 1813 at the Ringebu Stave Church in Ringebu, Oppland county of Norway.

Lars Christophersen Stigen Christening ( source - #2 )

Ringebu Stave Church, Røros
Photo by Michael Baird, October 2014

Ringebu Stave Church Font
Photo October 2014 by Michael Baird

Lars was confirmed in 1830 at the age of 17 ( source )

20 June 1839, Lars married Mari Hansdatter of the Flatmoen (Flat meadow) Farm. Their first child, Christopher, was born in March of 1837 at the Flatmoen farm a little over two years before they were married. On Christopher's christening record it notes that he is illegitimate and that this is the first out of wedlock relationship for both Lars and Mari. It is unclear if Lars and Mari were living apart or together at the Flatmoen farm or on the Stigen farm at the birth of Christopher.

Lars Christophersen - Mari Hansdatter Marriage ( source )

In 1839, Lars became the farmer for a portion of the Stigen Farm that was split off. This coincided with Lars and Mari getting married. This portion of the farm became known as the Upper Stigen farm. His stepbrother Hans was the farmer for the Lower Stigen farm. The rest of Lars and Mari's children were born on one of the two Stigen farms but it is not exactly known when a house was built on the Upper Stigen farm and when Lars and his family began living on upper Stigen instead of lower Stigen. The upper Stigen farm house is about 100 yards from the lower Stigen farm house.

Upper Stigen Farm from Lower Stigen Farm
Photo December 2004 by Michael Baird

Lars and Mari had 8 children:

  • 1837 - 1908 Christopher (emigrated to USA around 1870)
  • 1839 - ???? Berthe
  • 1842 - 1905 Hans (emigrated to USA in 1880)
  • 1844 - 1918 Anna Larsdatter Stigen
  • 1847 - ???? Karen
  • 1850 - 1935 Amund (emigrated to USA around 1901)
  • 1853 - 1876 Ole
  • 1857 - ???? Laura

Lars died 5 June 1857 at the Stigen farm at the age of 45. The cause is not known. He was buried 18 June 1857. Mari was about 3 months pregnant with Laura when Lars passed away.

Lars Christophersen Stigen Burial ( source - #24 )