Anne Larsdatter (Kolstadmoen, Hjørnet, Stigen) 1781 - 1840

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-----------Conflicted dates----------------

Need to resolve that the Ringebu Hem og Folk book (Vol 2, page 323) lists Anne born as I show below yet it conflicts with the death record which puts her birth about 1778 instead of 1781. That is not unusual however to be off. Also the only confirmation of an Anne from Hjørnet is in 1798 at age 14.5 which puts her birth in 1783-84. She is age 17 and living as as servant in the 1801 census. There is an Anne Larsd born in 1778 to Lars Peders & Mari Iversd and she is unmarried and living at Bringsrud in the 1801 census. Lars Joensen is remarried in the 1801 census as his wife died and is living as wesstad. I can't find Anne Larsd born in 1781 in the 1801 census.

Anne Larsdatter History

Anne was born the May 1781 to Lars Joensen and Anne Olsdatter at the Kolstadmoen farm. She was christened the 20 May 1781 at Ringebu Stave Church, Ringebu Parish, Oppland, Norway.

Anne Larsdatter Christening ( source, transcribed record)

In the christening record, Anne's father is listed as Lars Joens Polsru (P&oring;lsrud). While her father was born at P&oring;lsrud, her father and mother were living at the Kolstadmoen farm when Anne was born. Anne's parents then moved to the Hjørnet farm. At her confirmation at age 14, Anne is listed as living at the Hjørnet farm ( source )

Anne married Christopher Hansen 19 November 1811. Christopher was a widower, his first wife having passed away in 1809.

Anne Larsdatter and Christopher Hansen Marriage ( source (#26) )

They had seven children, including a set of twins (Marit, Mari):

  • Mari, 1811 - ?
  • Lars Christophersen Stigen, 1812 - 1857
  • Peder, 1817 - ?
  • Anna, 1852 - 1871
  • Marit, 1825 - 1825
  • Mari, 1825 - 1825
  • Ole, 1828 - 1850

Anne died 31 October 1840 at the Stigen farm at 62 years of age. She was buried 8 November 1840. At her death her family position was as a pauper that is to say poor. Her Husband had passed away 5 years earlier and the main Stigen farm had passed on to her stepson Hans. Her son Lars had just started the upper Stigen farm in 1839.

Anne Larsdatter Death & Burial Record ( source )